Day 27: Church as an Airplane?

I first got this idea from a podcast, but I forgot to mark down which one it was. #Iamashamed

When you go to church, does it feel like an airplane?

We all sit in our seats, facing forward, listening to the same announcements, hearing the same message from the pilot, reaching the end of the ride and going our separate ways.

This is not what the church is supposed to be.  Continue reading “Day 27: Church as an Airplane?”


Day 26: Obligation and Opportunity

Today I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Show when a team member, Chris Brown, laid down this zinger:

Money that is obligated to the past cannot be used for opportunities in the future.

Debt is largely about paying the money that I have now for something I consumed in the past. It might have been a meal or a concert. Honestly, without looking at my statement, I can’t remember. Continue reading “Day 26: Obligation and Opportunity”

Day 25: Facts and Social Capital

On my drive home today, I was listening to The Art of Charm. Jordan was interviewing Richard Clarke, a former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-Terrorism, and he was talking about “Cassandras,” people who can accurately predict imminent disasters and are ignored. Clarke knows about Cassandras because he is one: he warned President Bush in January 2001 that there was going to be a terrorist attack on US soil and that Bin Laden was likely going to be involved… only to be ignored and reassigned. And to top things off, his reassignment wasn’t scheduled until October 1st, so 9/11 happened on his watch. Continue reading “Day 25: Facts and Social Capital”

Day 24: Debt and Traffic

I heard this the other day and meant to post it but forgot…

Debt is the traffic jam of life. You think you’re going the right way because all these other people are going the same way, but in reality, you’re stuck and you’re barely making any progress. There’s gotta be another way.

Day 23: Hacking To-dos

I listen to this fantastic little podcast about personal finance hosted by people who don’t know very much about personal finance (by their own admission!) called The Payoff by Mic. Chris and Antonia are hilarious and likable hosts, and are essentially learning about various aspects of personal finance and sharing it with us.

The most recent episode was on freelancing, and Chris shared this amazing hack for to-do lists.

If any item makes it past a week on my to-do list, then I break it down into smaller items.

Honestly, that’s brilliant. It increases the likelihood that he’ll actually complete the items, and it increases motivation as he’s checking off more items from his list. Win.