Day 30: Communication Styles

Today I learned that my communication style is Conscientious. I took a DiSC profile that was administered to the management team at work (I’m still not entirely sure why they gave it to me. I was the only one there without a supervisory role. *shrugs*). Essentially, it reaffirmed a lot of things I already sorta knew. I’m a numbers guy. I love details. I like being prepared. I’m methodical. I don’t connect well with emotions naturally. I ask a lot of questions. And I love to learn. Cool to know that the pros agree with my self assessment.


Day 29: Copywriting in Communication

Ramit Sethi, personal finance blogger turned entrepreneur mentor to thousands upon thousands of people, recently released an awesome video about writing an engagement email for a marketing campaign.

I don’t need every single part of every single email to be perfect. All I need to do is get them to read to the next line.

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Day 28: A Simple Conversation Hack

I’m… not naturally a good conversationalist. I try my best, but I often find myself sitting (un)comfortably in a conversational lull. Since I’m also a learner, I really enjoy finding little hacks here and there to make life easier for myself. This video by Charisma on Command showed up on my Youtube recommendations, and I enjoyed it.

The video presents 5 conversation hacks to keep conversations going. Although I enjoyed all of them, I just wanted to quickly mention one of them. Continue reading “Day 28: A Simple Conversation Hack”

Day 27: Church as an Airplane?

I first got this idea from a podcast, but I forgot to mark down which one it was. #Iamashamed

When you go to church, does it feel like an airplane?

We all sit in our seats, facing forward, listening to the same announcements, hearing the same message from the pilot, reaching the end of the ride and going our separate ways.

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Day 26: Obligation and Opportunity

Today I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Show when a team member, Chris Brown, laid down this zinger:

Money that is obligated to the past cannot be used for opportunities in the future.

Debt is largely about paying the money that I have now for something I consumed in the past. It might have been a meal or a concert. Honestly, without looking at my statement, I can’t remember. Continue reading “Day 26: Obligation and Opportunity”