Day 31: Truth in Love

Day 31: Truth in Love

You may have noticed that I didn’t post on August 31st to wrap up my Better Every Day Challenge. And you may have also noticed that this is that Day 31 post. Although some of my challenge posts were quite short, I felt like this last one came with a “Handle With Care” sticker. In an effort to make sure that I dealt with the topic well, I pushed back the post so that spend time over this extended weekend (Happy Labor Day!) to really think through this topic.

If you’re an American Christian who regularly uses social media, you’ve probably heard something of an incredibly divisive document (website?): The Nashville Statement. The Nashville Statement is a series of 14 articles (short statements, actually) that seek to clarify the Biblical perspective on human sexuality. If you haven’t heard about it, I’m sure that you can understand why it’s so divisive.

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Disciple-Making Disciple Makers

Disciple-Making Disciple Makers

For the past 3 weeks or so, I’ve really had discipleship on my mind. I knew my definitions well. A disciple is a person who is dedicated to becoming more like his master. So a disciple of Christ (i.e., a Christian) is a person who is dedicated to becoming more like Jesus.

Discipleship, therefore, is the process of becoming more like Jesus. I would have said that this process involves developing biblical literacy, prayer, community, and witness. I would have said that you learn these things by engaging in them, by being involved in Bible studies, by taking time to pray, by being involved at church, and by seeking to tell others about Jesus.

But all these things only answer the “What?” of discipleship. A few weeks ago, I started really questioning whether or not I understood the “How?” of discipleship.

  • How do I help others learn the story of the Bible? And furthermore, how do I help them to understand that reading comprehension is not the goal, but obedience is?
  • How do I help others learn to pray?
  • How do I help foster true, life-on-life community – one that encourages, rebukes, comforts, and directs people toward Christ?
  • How do I make sure that we not only know how to tell others about Jesus, but that we’re actually telling people about Jesus?

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Day 30: Communication Styles

Today I learned that my communication style is Conscientious. I took a DiSC profile that was administered to the management team at work (I’m still not entirely sure why they gave it to me. I was the only one there without a supervisory role. *shrugs*). Essentially, it reaffirmed a lot of things I already sorta knew. I’m a numbers guy. I love details. I like being prepared. I’m methodical. I don’t connect well with emotions naturally. I ask a lot of questions. And I love to learn. Cool to know that the pros agree with my self assessment.

Day 29: Copywriting in Communication

Ramit Sethi, personal finance blogger turned entrepreneur mentor to thousands upon thousands of people, recently released an awesome video about writing an engagement email for a marketing campaign.

I don’t need every single part of every single email to be perfect. All I need to do is get them to read to the next line.

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Day 28: A Simple Conversation Hack

I’m… not naturally a good conversationalist. I try my best, but I often find myself sitting (un)comfortably in a conversational lull. Since I’m also a learner, I really enjoy finding little hacks here and there to make life easier for myself. This video by Charisma on Command showed up on my Youtube recommendations, and I enjoyed it.

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