Day 28: A Simple Conversation Hack

I’m… not naturally a good conversationalist. I try my best, but I often find myself sitting (un)comfortably in a conversational lull. Since I’m also a learner, I really enjoy finding little hacks here and there to make life easier for myself. This video by Charisma on Command showed up on my Youtube recommendations, and I enjoyed it.

The video presents 5 conversation hacks to keep conversations going. Although I enjoyed all of them, I just wanted to quickly mention one of them.

Play “Reminds Me Of”. It’s literally as simple as it sounds. Look around, take note of something, and say, “Hey, that _______ reminds me of ________.” Now this could a song, or a sign, or some guy’s funny t-shirt. The key is that you’re opening up a little bit more about yourself, your interests, your experiences, or even just your sense of humor. It also gives your conversation partner an easy way to continue the conversation with, “Oh really? How so?” Or, “Yes! Totally! And doesn’t it also kinda remind you of _______?”

If you want to take this tip to the next level, use something that your buddy has mentioned already to remind you of something else. Maybe he mentioned a trip that he wants to take to Europe. Unfortunately, you’ve never been to Europe, so the conversation’s dead in the water. Except wait. Your friend’s trip to Europe kinda reminds you of a trip that you took upstate with some friends during college. You got to explore a new city/region and have a good time. And suddenly, you’ve unlocked an entirely new path of conversation. Voila.

I think this is a pretty neat little trick, and I’m excited to try it out. I’d love to hear how it works out for you, too!


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