Day 27: Church as an Airplane?

I first got this idea from a podcast, but I forgot to mark down which one it was. #Iamashamed

When you go to church, does it feel like an airplane?

We all sit in our seats, facing forward, listening to the same announcements, hearing the same message from the pilot, reaching the end of the ride and going our separate ways.

This is not what the church is supposed to be. 

So often churches talk about “the early church,” almost with a level of mythological awe surrounding it. These people were devoted to studying God’s Word, to fellowship, to praying together, to worship together, to eating together (Acts 2:42-47). It was clear that these new Christians understood that life was meant to be lived together.

Yet so many people struggle with feelings of loneliness within the church. We feel like we don’t have people who we can reach out to. We look forward with longing to Sunday or midweek small group, but don’t feel like we have a connection that goes beyond those meetings.

Christians are called to love one another, to support one another, and to sacrifice for one another. Why do we allow each other to suffer in silence?

Is your church an airplane?


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