Day 19: Discipleship and Service

Recently, I’ve been growing more interested in the process of discipleship. I was listening to a podcast (How Discipling Men Changes Everything (feat. Man in the Mirror)) when one of the speakers casually dropped this thought before continuing on to his point.

We don’t make disciples and pray for workers. We make workers and pray for disciples.

As a youth leader/intern/director, I was regularly faced with the challenges of finding more leaders to help with the students. Too often, I’m sorry to admit, I looked for people who were willing to help with the youth, not really paying attention to an individuals spiritual maturity. And then I found myself up a creek as I had set up spiritually immature leaders as role models for the youth they served.

Jesus commands us to “Go and make disciples…” (Matt 28:19), but his encouragement is to pray for workers (Matt 9:37-38). Somewhere along the line, we got these two things mixed up.


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