Day 18: Success Sequence

Sorry to disappear for the last few days, I had some personal things to deal with. However, even in the midst of everything that went on, I was still learning. I’m going to rapidly throw a few short posts up to catch up.

I heard about this article/study and found it particularly interesting: The millennial success sequence: Marriage, kids, and the ‘success sequence’ among young adults. Clearly they weren’t going for a “click-bait” title. I was amazed at some of the things the article said, not because of the conclusions that they found, but because the conclusions feel very counter cultural.

97% of Millennials who follow what has been called the “success sequence”—that is, who get at least a high school degree, work, and then marry before having any children, in that order—are not poor by the time they reach their prime young adult years (ages 28-34).

It’s unpopular to link marriage to success, especially when the implication is that this is referring to traditional, heterosexual marriage (since they’re referring to marriage before childbearing). But this report makes it clear: following this success sequence, in order, leads to greater success.



One thought on “Day 18: Success Sequence

  1. Glad you’re back! Hope everything’s ok. Interesting research findings, but I agree, not surprising. Our culture is kind of in a weird paradox. As you said, traditional marriage isn’t usually associated with success; however, somehow it seems that being in a “relationship”/having a “significant other” is often made out to be a defining factor of success. >_>

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