Day 17: Pot and Performance

I often listen to Dave Ramsey, which is a personal finance podcast. But personal finance touches all of our lives, so sometimes he ends up talking about something else entirely.

That’s when this article came up. Apparently, there was a city in the Netherlands that put restrictions on the purchase of recreational marijuana, and noticed an increase in performance at the college level. 4,000 students were observed, and on average they performed 5% better when access to legal marijuana was revoked. More interestingly, there was an even greater increase in grade performance among the “low performers”, i.e. those students who were in danger of failing out of school.

We’re in the midst of a cultural change where tolerance and acceptance are trumpeted as the highest good. But what if that means we’re accepting things into our nation, our schools, and our homes that aren’t good for us? Where do we draw the line, and, more importantly, how do we manage to hold to that line in a respectful and honorable manner?


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