Day 14: 5% More

This isn't some earth-shattering "blow your mind" kind of lesson (but if I'm honest, that's how most of my posts are). However, I know that this principle has a ridiculous ROI if applied consistently.
The magic principle? Do 5% more. Some call this "Never walk past a problem." Others call this ownership.
Every day you and I have countless opportunities to do a little more. The dishes are dried in the rack? Put them away before you wet them again with your own dishes. There's a piece of trash next to you? Pick it up and throw it away. A coworker's having a rough week? Grab him/her a coffee when you stop for yours. Leave a thank you note. Top off the gas tank. Now your neighbor's lawn. And don't draw attention to your deed.
None of these are gargantuan tasks. Most of them require very little additional effort on our part. Yet the effect is profound. We slowly become the sort of person that others like to have around. We craft in ourselves a spirit of generosity. We develop an attitude of service. And others will be grateful. It's not hard, but the extra step will do wonders in strengthening a relationship, in building rapport. Not that we do these things for that specific goal. That's just gravy. The real meat and potatoes is the character development that is occurring within our own hearts and minds.


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