Day 8: Critical Thought

We live in an age that is characterized by an over abundance of information. However, we are not trained and educated properly to interpret said information with a keen eye and a thoughtful mind. Information can be used (and misused) to assert almost anything. And then, give. A statical-looking graph that seems to imply the same thing, most people will simply accept the proposition as fact.
In The Art of Charm Episode 641: Weaponized Lies, Jordan and his guest speaker Daniel Levitin talk about a number of ways that people intentionally or unintentionally skew facts to convey a certain message. One point that stood out to me was:

Argue against your own point.

This aids in your ability to think critically not only by opening yourself up to both sides of an argument, but by helping you catch potential errors and weak points in your own argument. Ultimately, this requires you to remain humble and open to the possibility that you don't know everything. And, as is falsely attributed to Mark Twain,

It ain't what you think you know that gets you into trouble; it's what you know for sure that ain't so.


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