Day 7: Leanness

I try to work out regularly for several reasons:

  1. I’m a little bit vain,
  2. I like to eat lots of food,
  3. I have more energy when I’m in better shape,
  4. I signed up for a Spartan Race on October 29th, and I want to be ready for it. (Want to join me? It’s in Big Bear. I signed up for the afternoon race, the 12:30 start time. The team name is “1 Cor 9:24” because I’m a Bible geek.)

This post is going to focus entirely around the first reason. haha

You could say that this is part of maximizing my static, but ultimately it all boils down to this: I like to look good. Don’t we all? I like when I get positive comments about how I’m dressed or someone can tell I’ve been hitting the weights.

Last year I dislocated my shoulder in June and stopped working out entirely for about 6 months due to injury, laziness, and lack of motivation (read: excuses). By July I had gained a lot of fat (thanks in part to a wonderful vacation to Hawaii), by December had clearly lost a lot of muscle, and I was really dissatisfied with myself.

Honestly, a lot of people couldn’t really tell. When I had a shirt on (and it was December, so that was always), I looked about the same. But I had lost about 5 lbs of muscle and gained about 15 lbs of fat, and I hated it. My clothes didn’t fit right, I could tell that I was weaker, and I knew that I was the sole reason for this change in myself.

So starting back in January (or maybe February?), I started exercising once more. As I saw my strength start climbing again, I began to integrate more types of training into my routine (aka I started forcing myself to go on runs). I started noticing little changes, but the biggest change has been in the last month or so, although I didn’t realize it until I saw this Youtube video.

In it, Greg O’Gallagher (of Kinobody), talks about Zac Efron’s physique in Baywatch. All I knew was that Efron got a lot of hype in how built he was, and that a big dose of that was because he trained with the Rock. But Greg pointed out that, more than size, Efron’s look was mainly attributed to a high degree of leanness.

I’m not saying that I leaned out anything like Greg or Zac. But the biggest change in my physique has been over the last month or so, when I dialed back on quantities of food and really focused on making sure my nutrition was better. I dropped about 5 lbs of body fat which took an inch off my waist. My upper body has a more dramatic (for me) V taper, and I flat out look better.

So if you’re looking to make the most dramatic changes to your physical aesthetics, I highly recommend dropping weight before trying to bulk up, even if putting on muscle is your ultimate goal.


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