A Thought on 2 Timothy

I’ve always understood 2 Timothy to be a letter from Paul to Timothy, guiding and instructing him as a young pastor. But the letter closes with Paul using the 2nd person plural, not the singular I would have expected. So, even in a personal letter, it seems that Paul was writing with the intention of having Timothy read it out to others. 

This is particularly interesting to me because it seems like so much of the letter is specifically written to pastors: guarding the truth, working honorably, being wary of godlessness, recognizing the usefulness of all Scripture, and a charge to preach the word. Apparently, as much as this letter addressed things Timothy needed to pay attention to, it was also meant to instruct the congregation. 
To what end? Perhaps to stir within the hearts of others who feel the call to ministry. But I feel like, more than that, it is to show the congregation what is expected of their pastor – both so that they can hold him accountable and so that they can strive to support him. 


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