Romans 1:25

In Romans 1:25, Paul talks about how people, rather than worshipping the one true God, “worshipped and served created things”. I had always assumed that Paul meant they worshipped idols and gods that they fabricated with their own minds (e.g. The Greek pantheon, Baal, etc.). But after looking at the text more closely, I believe Paul meant that people began worshipping people.

In verse 24, Paul says “God gave them over in the sinful desires is their hearts to sexual impurity”. In other words, God let them do what they wanted to do, and they wanted to be sexually immoral more than anything else. Then in verse 25, Paul states that they worshipped the created rather than the Creator. So, in verses 26-27, God allows them to fulfill their desires, which includes leaving heterosexual relationships for homosexual ones.

There is very little that is more human-centric than selfishly and shamelessly pursuing sexual fulfillment at the expense of all else, and there is very little that glorifies humanity, especially the human body, more. What we fail to recognize is that our sexually is glorious because it is not merely physical. It is also spiritual. Or perhaps we do recognize it, and, in sexual promiscuity, we are truly worshipping humanity.


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