God of Blessings

In Luke 17:11-19, we see an account of Jesus healing ten lepers. (Leprosy in the Bible is kind of a catch-all for contagious skin diseases). This Sunday School favorite often focuses on the gratitude of the one healed leper, telling us that we should be grateful to God for what he’s done in your life.

On Sunday, this story came to mind, but with a different focus. When I was younger, I always wondered if Jesus thought about “unhealing” the nine men who didn’t come back to thank him. I’m not sure why that came back to mind, but I found myself thinking about that again and suddenly truth hit me in the face: Jesus never even thought about unhealing those other men because that is not who our God is. Our God gives blessings, not to receive the thanks, but because he can.

It is so cool to worship the God of blessings.


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