For the American Christian, community is something that we can really easily take for granted. When you live in a place where there is a church on every corner, it’s easy to be picky and find little aspects to critique. But when was the last time we took time to be thankful for the community that we have?

For a little background, I just got off a video chat with a friend in Cambodia. She’ll be serving there with the Peace Corps for just under two more years. She’s way out in the middle of rural Cambodia and doesn’t really have a Christian community around her to support and love and encourage her. There is a local church, but the language barrier is causing issues, at least for now.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her, and I’ll do my best to encourage and love on and support her from a distance. And it also made me take a moment to reflect on the community with which I’m surrounded. God has blessed me with several amazing groups of friends who love him and serve him. I have guys and girls who challenge me and encourage me. I have people whom I can always turn to for prayer. My family is always on my side, encouraging me as I journey to be a pastor.

God has given me so many blessings through the relationships he’s given me. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and remember.


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