Are Christianity and Science Incompatible? Abridged

What follows is an abridged version of a much lengthier paper dealing with the relationship between science and Christianity, specifically looking at evolutionism and creationism. For the full version, see here.

May 8, 2015


            Have you ever felt like there’s a tension between science and faith in the Christian church? Like the church is “out of step with the scientific world” or that “Christianity is anti-science”?[i] Different people have tried to explain the relationship between science and religion. While some would say science and religion are more or less distinct, others feel they are actually answering the same questions from two different perspectives, and one must be wrong.[ii]

            Which perspective is true? Are religion and science involved in a winner-take-all death match? Or is it possible that science and religion, and Christianity in particular, are compatible ways of looking at the world? This paper will answer this question, first by clarifying what is meant by both “Christianity” and “science”. When definitions are unclear, it is easier to conflict. Second, we will show the integration of Christianity and science by examining the fossil record. Continue reading “Are Christianity and Science Incompatible? Abridged”