Christian Dedication

March 20, 2008

What is Christian dedication to you?

Christian dedication could be one of any number of things: the dedication of a Christian baby to the cause of Christ; the dedication of something as “Christian” such as a song, a building, etc.; or the choice of a Christian to be dedicated to Christ in all that they do.  The choice of dedicating one’s life to Christ is a life-altering decision, and one that, therefore, should be made with great care.  Christ calls us to a life of pain and rejection for His sake.  He calls us to pick up our cross daily to follow Him – our backbreaking, overwhelming, self-denying cross.  A life of dedication to Christ is one of discipline, of self-denial, and of following wherever He may call – discipline to discern the will of God, self-denial so we can best fit into God’s plans, and following wherever He leads ready to serve in any capacity He sees fit. Continue reading “Christian Dedication”